Untitled Poem

Do not try to repay, simply obey.

Walk in the way, do not stray lest you fray.

Instead, at His feet lay, listen and ponder on all He will say.

And every day to thine sweet Jesus pray.



Grace, what do you do with grace? Share it and love it, hide it and covet it. Use it for good, or be misunderstood. The concept of grace is an undeserved love, a place where all are, but no one belongs. Grace is something to give, never to receive. One cannot receive it on their own will, it is by another’s judgement which it is given. Grace is a gift, a treasure, it lasts forever. Grace is the love of one poured into another, given without hinderance. If grace was an ocean would you plunge into it, or try to harvest it and control it? Would you swim and watch your mud caked, guilt stained skin become clean, or would you take a little and try to get it yourself, only to watch it run between your fingers.

Grace is not controllable, it is not fathomable, it is underserved, and impossible to keep. No one can keep grace, it is not something you hold on to for later. Do you carry around a bucket of water around your day in case you get dirty, or do you simply go back to the shower? In the same way, grace is always there, but it is not takeable. It is infinite, an ocean with no bottom, no borders or any restraints. It is beautiful, hard to look at in its glory. Yet, if you were to look at grace, in its purest form, it is a Roman cross, a bloody figure, in torment…

HOW IS THAT GRACE?! A man bleeding from every surface, hanging upon a tree, in agony is not beautiful! That man was innocent, with no blame upon his head, neither from Heaven nor Earth. That is the cost of grace, and the image now is five scars, upon two hands, two feet, and the side. Who holds these marks of such suffering? Grace. He is grace. Such grace only exists within himself.

Who is this king of glory then? Who offers it to me… His name is Jesus.

He is the image of the invisible God. The firstborn over all creation, for by Him all things were made, visible or invisible, things in Heaven and on Earth, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities, all things were made through him and for him.

Why does he want me? Grace, there is nothing but grace. No question can fully wrap up the answer given. The cross. No thought can encompass the grandeur of this love. There is no man who can give it more than Jesus.

Now, receive this grace, in exchange for the grave. He did it for you, come to him. Do not try to control this gift, do not try to keep it to yourself. As you receive it, give it, as you give it, love it. There is nothing such as grace, no power or trial can overcome it or hinder it. No ship can sail across it, no stone can ever reach its bottom. There is nothing as it is, nothing to compare it to. Grace is grace and that it how it is. Give it and take it when it is given. This is Jesus.


From the beginning, it was so… God created man to know.

Man rebelled and then we fell. Destined to doom, cursed to the empty well.

This was our doing, we made this hole. This broken cistern, in exchange for our soul.

How we dropped, what we forsook! What joys and love, the price it took.

The price of sin is heavy still. In our own strength, this hole we will never fill.

Oh, praise the name of He who came. In manger, humility, and mercy, not in fame.

For surely our price was one so high. And left to our vices, we would surely die.

The death not just of body, but of soul. One of fire, death of eternity and clamor.

He came to us and bore our cross. He in love and scandalous grace took our loss.

There in His life, He sufficed the law. And on the tree paid our debt, our hearts to thaw.

Our sin, though great was paid in full. Jesus who paid it all, should in us, rule.

He remains our King, our hope, our love. One day we will see Him and dwell above.



Look up at the clouds, at the birds, the lightning, at the blue sky.

Look up, at the stars, at the moon, at the galaxies, and the nebulae.

Look up at the heavens so far, at the invisible and immortal.

Look up at the eternal and infinite, and the intangible portal.

Look up at creation and this world, at the animals and nature

Look up at humanity, culture, language and its nomenclature.

Look up at the fleeting, the spinning, the fading, and fast.

Look up the ancient, the patient, and that which will last.

Look up at the darkness, the death, the loss, and plight.

Look up at the fire, the beauty, and the angels of light.

Look up at sin, rebellion, anger, and hate.

Look up at love, hope, free will, and fate.

Look up at the clashing, the battle, the rage and the storm.

Look up at the power, the reality, the striding, and form.

Now flip the lens from front to back, and look down at all of that.

What was far is now close, what was hidden, we now expose.

Look down at the baby, the manger, the star, and the men.

Look down at the camel, the flight, and Bethlehem.

Look down at the miracles, the teaching, and life.

Look down at the power, the mercy, the grace and strife.

Look down at the man, look up at God, and now look straight at the cross.

At first in life, the lens is reverse, what was far is close and transverse.

The fleeting and the temporal are what we know, the light and momentary are what we grow.

The eternal and lasting we do not claim, the immortal and infinite we disclaim.

Until our lens is flipped and we see right, we are incapable of seeing the true light.

Then this world and all that’s in it becomes so ephemeral that very minute.

Then we see the unreachable and far, become attainable and here.

God, the Word dwelling among men, He Himself came near.

The cross, the culmination of grace and mercy, the center point of all.

Look up, down, straight and around at His love and humbly fall.

He is the first and the last, the creator and the restorator.

He is God and man, redeemer and friend, the regenerator.

So look, your lens has now been flipped, reversed by grace, the scale tipped.

Focus on the cross and see, the weight is in eternity.

Let this fleeting world now pass, and fall into Heaven’s grasp.

God did not save us from some abstract evil. Some foreign and distant concept which we heard about in stories. This was no negative energy, no maleficient dictator ruling far away with evil.

No. He saved us from a very real, imminent, internal evil. He saved us from ourselves. The evil tyrant was you, it was me, ruling over ourselves and others. Imposing our selfish desires and our ways on others and demanding justice, while never wanting to be judged ourselves.

Jesus did not only die for some Hitler like person across the globe who you hear about on the news. They were surely included in His plan, but He died for you, the evil within you.

He died as if you were the only sinner on this planet. I mean that. If everyone else had been perfect and you were the only sinner, He still would have come, lived the perfect life, died the needed death, and rose in victory, just for you. Oh, and He did that exactly. Sure, He died for everyone, but He is God, and He is omniscient. You were on His mind personally, specifically, the whole time. How could He think about everyone that way all at the same time? That’s where our fragile logic ends and He begins.

Jesus loves you, and He died for you, child. He died for you, to claim you as His own. Do you know what happened at the cross? Everything we are (dirty, evil, filthy, conceited, sinful) was exchanged for everything Jesus is (good, holy, perfect, pure, righteous, love, power, kindness… on to everything good.) That was the trade. Doesn’t make sense, does it now? Can your mind fathom why God would want you? He loves you and wants you. Surrender to Him. He died so you could be His, so you could dwell with Him, in this life and the next. He offers everything He is, for everything you are. By the way… He loves you just the way you are, but too much to leave you that way.

Will you serve and love Him as well?

When is the last time you heard a story of the hero dying for the villain?

This is love

What does love feel like?
Rough wood and rusted nails

What does love sound like?
The soft, but bold, intense voice of a man speaking the truth and with His last saying ” It is finished”.

What does love smell like?
I would love to say roses, but it smells like the musk of a tomb

What does love taste like?
Communion. Something we take far too lightly today.

Finally, what does love look like?
Like a Roman cross, with an indistinguishable being on it. Bleeding and heaving breaths. It looks like a crown of thorns placed deep within a skull, like nails driven into hands and feet, like a spear in the side. That is what love looks like.

Love is not flowers and perfume all the time. Love hurts, love costs, love demands your all. When you realize what love is, what it cost, what it took, it changes you.

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. (1 John 4:10)

Love cost a lot, but the reward was great. We now have a savior, a redeemer. We have a high priest in the Heavenly places, and we have a connection with God now. A beautiful relationship with the God of all creation, and our best friend. He gave us the freedom at the cross, and victory through His resurrection. This is the greatest story of all time. Learn it, love it, because you are loved by Him.

This is love.

True Repentance

First Semester Old Testament Survey Paper


David. What comes to the mind at this name? Do you think of an ancient Bible hero, a young shepherd boy, a royal king, or a fallen man? Whatever your idea of David is, let it be known, that he was no different than you or I. David was a regular man, a shepherd during his childhood, who tended the sheep all day and defended them. He had no royal line behind him, no divine holding from God, as did the prophets and priests. David happened to be a regular man like you and me, what made him so great was his commitment to God and how he allowed God to use him as He wanted. He allowed God to move throughout his life and take control for His glory and David’s good. David sinned, and according to human terms, he messed up pretty badly, committing adultery and murdering the woman’s wife, simply to have her as his. Along with this sin, David lied, cheated, disobeyed, had pride, and did many more things against the nature of God. However, David repented, and this is what we are studying, looking at and applying to our lives, how David did not let his sin define him, but instead allowed God to refine and redefine him to the image of His own heart. After all, David is called “a man after God’s heart” (Acts 13:22), and he did seek God throughout his life. As we study the life of David, there are three things which we must direct our attention on: What repentance means to God. What repentance meant to David. What repentance should mean to us. Continue reading

Oh the Praises

Infinite in majesty

Creator of the galaxies

Father of man

The great I Am

Son of Man

The One who can

Born to die

Light in His eye

The humble shepherd

Healing the leper

God of eternity and all beyond

Put man on Earth to correspond

He talked with them, they lived among

The tall trees, creeks and young

How He knew we would fall

Created us so proud and tall

The power of Satan overcame them

For they did not trust in the I Am

Jesus took the nails, crown and cross

To toss our sins, and never count the loss

How great the name of the Holy One

To fill the sinner’s heart and tongue

With joy, adoration, and love

To praise the Lord, and never sing enough

How we owe our all to the Lamb

Our lives, to praise Him who broke the dam

Now water, living, flows free

Rushing, gushing, covering me

One day we will walk hand in hand with the Lord

Until then we will fight, Bible as sword

O to sing the majesty of He

Who died and paid for all on Calvary’s tree.

My Treasure

I have caught your tears

I have seen your fears

I have walked with you through the years

I am always here

you are the one I treasure

I love you beyond measure

I created you in the garden

I bought you with a bargain

That for you I’ll give my son

That we may become one

This is my gift to you child

It is reckless, free and wild

You are the prize of my creation

In this dark sea I will be your floatation

With me, you will never sink

Though when you fail, you may think

That the waves have won over you

When really I will carry you through

Life is a journey and it is long

The road and boat seem to carry on

But there will be a day of peace

When all your years of fear are released

I will walk you through the golden gate

I will claim you as my own, your fate

Forevermore will we rejoice and be together

Until then do not be moved by the weather

For the rains and storms will come

There will be pain, sorrow and then some

But those are nothing when compared

To the awesome wonders prepared

Child never lose faith or hope

Despite the times at the end of the rope

I will never leave you, never forsake

You are the treasure I paid to retake

I love you more than you can imagine

You will always be my passion.

The Mission

The greatest, the king, the Lord of everything.

The loving, the shepherd, holding back nothing.

This is our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Him dying to pay our precious bodies, prized.

All sufficient, all loving, all encompassing.

With love and grace, to Himself, sinners, summoning.

This is the price He paid, the love he gave:

That the nails, thorn, spear and blood, would always be enough.

The greatest victory in history, is no longer a mystery.

It is shown time and time again, within the Father’s plan.

This is our hope, our joy, our claim: that Christ has lifted our name.

From dirt and grime, to Heaven on high.

Now, we lifted from our death and fault,

Must take the name of our savior, Christ, and exalt

From life to death, make it our mission

To praise and honor the Savior risen.